Research Advantage

PureForm BioSciences has opened the door to a host of new possibilities for CBD and other cannabinoid-based therapeutics by working with proprietary, semi-synthetic, non-cannabis-derived, bio-identical cannabinoids. 


Strategic advantages gained from using these compounds over plant-extracted include:

  • Highly consistent, pharmaceutical grade with the quality control, international standardization, and purity required for clinical research and replication at multiple sites.  


  • Opportunity to obtain intellectual property around non-orphan indications; not limited by IP restrictions facing plant-extracted compounds.


  • Access to major and minor cannabinoids with therapeutic potential beyond cannabidiol (CBD).  


All other cannabinoid research is limited by working with inconsistent plant extracts and chemically impure distillates, resulting in questionable science. By contrast, PureForm BioSciences works entirely with its suite of proprietary, semi-synthetic, bio-identical cannabinoids. These compounds have a unique crystalline structure and industry-leading purity profile, without the impurities such as pesticides, mycotoxins, and psychoactive components, including THC, which can be found in plant-derived formulations.

Using its proprietary cannabinoids, PureForm BioSciences can achieve consistent dosing, time after time, reproducing results in any part of the world. This means the company research always meets the rigorous requirements of truly viable medical discovery. In addition, the crystal structure of these cannabinoids allows increased solubility and bio-availability, providing greater potential for a variety of drug delivery methods.